Visualization of SDGs Technologies

We provide the company rankings in each goal of the SDGs, calculated by AI with patent publications. These rankings are expected to be applied as indicators for ESG investment.

Rankings of SDGs companies in 2019

Company rankings for each goal of the SDGs, using AI estimation of patent applications to USPTO and WIPO in 2019.

Note that the data collection has been changed from the publication year to the application year, since September 2021.

See “What is visualization of SDGs-related technologies?” for detail. Before using this site, please read and agree to the Terms of Use.

Click here to see company rankings by Japanese publications. (in Japanese)

What is Visualization of the SDGs-Tech?

This is an explanation of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Visualization of the SDGs-Tech using patent information and AI methods. If you are a new user, please read this first.

Japio AI Translation

Japio’s machine translation

Japio AI Research Center is developing highly accurate AI translation specialized for patent publications by utilizing our large-scale linguistic/computational resources and know-how accumulated through years of machine translation research.

Japio’s AI Translation -Main Features-

Advanced AI translation technology (Transformer method) enables highly accurate translation.

AI trained on large-scale, high quality patent data translates complex text with accurate syntax for easy reading.

Proprietary processing technology (X-STEP®) transfers the know-how of patent translators to AI.

AI translation combined with statistical translation enables translation with fewer errors such as incomplete translation or repeated translation.

Supporting English and Chinese that are in high demand as well as a wide variety of languages.

Confidentiality is ensured through secure communication standard (TLS encryption communication) and a system that does not store the original or translated text.

Japio-AI Translation (free version)

We offer “Japio-AI Translation (free version)”, which is free of charge and does not require ID registration.

What is Japio’s AI translation technology?

Explain in detail about the features of highly accurate AI translation focused on patent publication.

Need for machine translation

Explain the need of machine translation based on global trends in patent and utility model applications.

IP statistics data

IP statistics at a glance

The IP statistics data are visualized for storytelling. Dynamic graphs allow you to understand the trends of IP worldwide.

Japio AI Research Center (Japio 頂)

Japio AI Research Center contributes to the economy and society

by promoting the dissemination of patent information through the use of AI technology.


– Patent Information AI Team

Research, development and utilization of AI in search, evaluation and analysis of prior art search for patent documents

– Trademark AI Team

Research, development and utilization of AI in search and analysis of trademarks (text and graphics)

– Machine Translation AI Team

Research, development and utilization of AI in further improving the quality of machine translation

✓Main activities

March 2020: Starts “AI translation service” as a paid option for GPG/FX

November 2020: Starts “Japio-AI Translation (free version)”

November 2020: Releases “Visualization” of SDGs technologies using patent information

April 2021: Starts “Japio-AI Translation (paid version)”

✓A black cat that sometimes appears

Name: Nyapio

Birthplace: Koto city, Tokyo

Interest: Collecting canned mackerel from all over the world

Favorite food: Yellow cheese with holes and delicious grape wine

Profile: Promoting offensive and defensive IP strategies using IP information and AI technology


(Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6334354)